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GAAP agency offers diversified management of artistic properties and international theatrical booking services since 1998.

GAAP Bookings, a pioneering international theatrical merchant specialised in non verbal and highly spectacular attractions from intimate to epic scale - bridging the gaap between geographical and cultural boundaries by providing high quality profitable live entertainment to the leading Promoters and Art Centres of the world.

Recent growth has led GAAP to go Epic. We are proud to actively develop content that is tailored to perform in large venues (arenas, convention centres, stadiums, outdoor,…) in the shape of powerful and engaging spectacles as well as immersive exhibitions and special attractions.

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Gwenaël Allan

Prior to founding GAAP Ltd in London in early 1998, Gwenaël Allan built his international entertainment experience by playing a part in some of the most innovative and profitable entertainment companies and hybrid shows and exhibitions of these past decades that include Cirque du Soleil, Sony Entertainment (Mandalay), De la Guarda, Tiger Aspect UK, The Jim Henson Company, Just for Laughs, Cités-Ciné, Slava’s Snowshow, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse de Paris,..

In early 1998, GAAP was established principally to develop and manage innovative, international, non verbal, live productions in the hybrid forms of circus, dance, musical and acrobatic based performance theatre and interactive exhibitions designed to have the potential to tour worldwide as powerful and insightful commercial properties.



Pierre Morand

Founder of Diletart, a European dance agency, Pierre Morand worked closely with talented choreographers, which made him soon realise that body movements are a prolific international language and that a lucky few dance shows could reach a wide public, thanks to talent and strong marketing strategies.

In charge of the theatrical department of TS3 (Thierry Suc Productions) - a leading concert and stage producer in France – he used his project management and executive producer skills to create new shows, such as a sold out Arena tour of the Oscar nominated Les Choristes (The Chorus), the awarded musical Le Soldat Rose or Welcome to the Voice, an Opera featuring Sting and Elvis Costello, and also launched several foreign productions, including Matthew Bourne's shows and Jin Xing's Carmina Burana.

Pierre Morand discovered and coproduced the Brazilian show Balé de Rua, with Thierry Suc, and took this group of dancers and percussionists from the favelas on a world tour to some of the most prestigious venues, such as for example the London Barbican Center, the Sydney Opera Hall and the Stade de France.

With over 25 years of experience in producing, promoting and touring theatrical shows, Pierre has acquired the 360° vision of the Entertainment industry which is necessary to make each international booking a profitable and enjoyable adventure for all clients of GAAP, his main day to day focus since he joined the company in 2011.


Danny Pelchat

With thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry Mr. Pelchat possesses a brilliant reputation on the international scene. He has been one of the pioneering forces behind the Cirque du Soleil, where he worked for fifteen years. During this time, he demonstrated his innovative methods in implementing and promoting the magic of Cirque du Soleil’s shows around the world. He has been described by those who know him as a man of vision and passion and as a strong-willed entrepreneur, which always surrounds himself with the best collaborators. His creative thinking skills and ability to act outside the norm are remarkable. His perceptions and concepts of the creativity used to promote change and innovation stimulates the imagination of the creators and craftsmen he works with.

Nowadays Mr. Pelchat uses his deep knowledge of the creative development process and, thanks to its extensive network, brings together creators and high skilled craftsmen to create and promote immersive meaningful experiences. “Behind whatever we create, using whatever medium and technologies, there must be a meaning, an intention, a purpose, that is perceivable by the spectator”.